Be a good human. Design for human good.

I enjoy figuring out how it all works, to design things that make life brighter for everyone.

Mask Group

Based in Santa Barbara

Fueled by salty air and beachside coffee, I moved to the gold coast in 2018 after earning my MA in Product Design from CU Boulder.

Product setup experiences at Sonos

Focused on designing inutitive product setup experiences to accompany all products - empowering Sonos customers to succesfully play audio for the first time and ongoing.


Enterprise design for construction at Procore

Lead design of file & data management solutions, "the dropbox for the construction industry", while at Procore.

Let's solve tough problems together 

My specialty is UX Design - and my palate is inclusive to UI design, IX design, product management, and front end development.

(818) 983-7452